Internet Packages

New Plans

Internet Packages

New PlansICTC has 4 DSL and fiber internet plans ranging from 5 to 50 meg* – Starter, Bronze, Silver and Gold.

“Starter” – $39.95/Month with speeds up to 5 meg – For the casual internet user, an always on and reliable connection.

“Bronze” – $49.95/Month with speeds up to 10 meg – Double the speed for only $10 more than our starter plan. More than enough for one HD video stream, or multiple standard definition streams.

“Silver”  – $59.95/Month with speeds up to 20 meg – Quadruple the speed of starter for only $10 more than our Bronze plan.

“Gold” – $89.95/month with speeds up to 50meg – This plan is available only in towns served with fiber optic and limited DSL areas the summer of 2014.

* Actual speeds will vary based on your location and distance from ICTC equipment. Generally speaking, most customers in town will be capable of speeds up to 50 meg with a VDSL modem. Rural customers should call to inquire on speeds available in their area. Prices reflect internet cost when bundled with telephone service.