Internet Equipment

The equipment required to connect to ICTC Internet depends on the type of service available.

DSL services require the use of a modem compatible with our equipment.  Should you need a modem at the time of installation, ICTC has modems preloaded with our custom firmware available for purchase; just ask an ICTC representative for more details. ICTC does not rent modems at this time. ICTC welcomes the use of your own modem should you have one. However, due to the large variety of vendors and models of modems, ICTC does not configure or support devices not acquired through us.  Should you bring your own device, most VDSL2+ modems will work for packages above 20meg. For packages of 20meg or below, an ADSL2+ modem is adequate in most instances. ICTC uses the standard VPI/VCI of 0/35 for all of our DSL equipment.

Fiber Optic services do not require a modem. An ONT (optical network terminal) is provided and remains the property of ICTC. The ONT has an RJ45 Ethernet jack that can connect to a variety of Internet devices including computers and external routers.

Wireless routers are strongly encouraged for network security and to allow Internet connections to be shared with multiple devices within your home regardless if you have DSL, fiber optic service or one of our legacy fixed wireless products. Our Internet is compatible with essentially any router available through retail channels; we recommend that a quality router is selected for optimal wireless performance.

Due to the wide variety of routers available today, ICTC is no longer reselling or directly supporting routers that are generally available through retail channels. Instead, ICTC is transitioning to a managed network service offering that combines a hardware purchase with an ongoing monthly management fee for a service that assists in remotely managing your network. See our Network In-Sites managed network offering for details.