Fiber Optic

Fiber to the Home is considered the gold standard of residential internet connections. Fiber Optics are the fastest form of broadband technology.

With Fiber Internet service you can:

  • Share music and upload photos,
  • Transfer lots of data quickly,
  • Play games online without lag,
  • Stream, surf, play- enough for the whole house at the same time!

ICTC provides a variety of packages, to fit any budget…

  • Monthly prices for internet (when bundled with phone service):
  • Starter – $39.95 (Speeds up to 5 meg)
  • Bronze – $49.95 ( Speeds up to 10meg)
  • Silver – $59.95 (Speeds up to 20 meg)
  • Gold – $89.95 (Yes – Speeds up to 50 meg!!)

***Current ICTC DSL customers will receive the installation free of charge during the conversion to fiber. New installations will have the installation fee waived with continued service of at least one year.