ICTC Group

Background and history of ICTC Group, INC.

The web site ICTC.com is used for the “North Dakota Operations’
The web site ictcgroup.net is used for the public holding company

ICTC Group, Inc. (the “Company” or “ICTC”), formerly Sunshine PCS Corporation, was incorporated in 2000 to hold and develop three 1.9 Ghz PCS licenses covering approximately 960,000 people in the Florida cities of Tallahassee, Panama City, and Ocala.  In 2003, these licenses were sold to Cingular Wireless LLC (now AT&T).  From 2003 until March 2010, the Company was a holding company that was deemed a shell company under SEC rules.  In March of 2010, the Company issued 320,000 shares of Class A Common Stock to a subsidiary of LICT Corporation (“LICT”) to acquire LICT’s North Dakota operations. (the North Dakota operations use http://ictc.com)   On May 24, 2010, LICT distributed 315,700 shares of the Class A Common Stock it received to its shareholders.  On that date, the Company also changed its name to ICTC Group, Inc.

ICTC is a holding company for Lynch Telephone II, LLC, which in turn serves as a holding company for our two operating subsidiaries: Inter-Community Telephone Company, LLC (“Inter-Community”) and Valley Communications, Inc. (“Valley”).  Inter-Community is an independent rural local exchange carrier (“RLEC”) serving communities in southeastern North Dakota and providing regulated telephone service.  Valley is a competitive local exchange carrier (“CLEC”) that provides internet, broadband data and other non-regulated services.

The Company’s shares are quoted on OTC Pink ® under the symbol “ICTG”. ICTC’s executive offices are located at 556 Main Street, Nome, North Dakota 58062. Its telephone number is 701-924-1000 and its website is http://ictcgroup.net/.