The Southeast North Dakota Regional Telephone Directory is the most widely used telephone directory used in the area. The directory includes listings for a large portion of southeastern North Dakota, including Jamestown and Valley City. New editions of the directory are distributed in August each year.

You can look  a number online – FIND A LISTING

The SEND Regional Telephone Directory includes:

  • all ICTC, Dakota Central Telecommunications, Dickey Rural Networks, and Moore & Liberty’s listings by community
  • Emergency Numbers
  • Area Codes, Time Zones and Zip Codes
  • Maps of Jamestown and Valley City
  • Yellow page advertising & much more!!

Additional FREE directories are available at:

  • First State Bank of ND, Buffalo ND
  • Inter-Community Telephone Co., Nome ND
  • Page State Bank, Page ND

**Contact Classified Directories TODAY at 1-800-510-9450 to advertise in the most widely used directory in our area!!


Where can I find additional FREE directories?

  • FREE additional directories can be found at your local telephone company and local banking facilities.

How much does it cost to have an additional listing in the directory?

  • ICTC charges $.50 per month for additional listings, including toll free numbers in the Alice, Buffalo, Dazey, Hannaford and Nome/Fingal Exchanges and $1.00 per month for residential and $5.00 per month for business additional listings in the Sanborn, Page, Tower City, and Hope Exchanges.

What if I DO NOT want my name listed in the telephone directory or directory  assistance?

  • If you do not want your name listed in the telephone directory or   directory assistance, your listing is considered Non-Published. ICTC charges   $2.00 per month for Non-Published telephone numbers.

What if I want my name listed in directory assistance but NOT in the  telephone directory?

  • To have your listing in directory assistance and NOT in the telephone   directory, your listing is considered Non-Listed. ICTC charges $1.00 per month   for Non-Listed telephone numbers.