Whether your business is small or large, with an office or multiple offices, you need solutions that will be cost-effective and can grow with your business, and ICTC has the solutions that will fit your needs.

Data Benefits:

  • Fully flexible and scalable to fit your specific business needs.
  • Access to an experienced and professional team that can fix any problem.
  • Higher symmetrical bandwidth means better productivity

Voice Benefits:

  • Manage who, when and how people can reach you by using our calling features.
  • Set up private connections for conferencing, messaging, and specialized meetings.
  • Clear voice service

ICTC can provide necessary strategic consulting and tools to help achieve success in your company. Stay connected with clients, colleagues, and professionals with our great solutions.

ICTC can create a solution for the following services:

  • Phone service
  • DSL
  • PRI
  • Point to point wireless
  • Fiber Service
  • Hosted Phone systems/Equipment
  • Point to Point DSL
  • Conference Bridge
  • Custom solutions
  • Co-Location Services