Keeping Phone Service During a Power Outage:

If your home or business loses power, you may also be without phone service. You cannot connect to family and friends during poor weather. You may not be able to call 911 for an emergency.

Backup power for your corded phones gives you peace of mind that your family and emergency help is always available. BEK Communications can install and maintain a voice service battery backup for your home.

The standard battery offered by BEK lasts up to eight hours on standby power. You may also choose a longer lasting option that gives up to 24 hours on standby power.


What a Battery Backup Can — and Can’t — Do for You:

The battery backup is for corded voice services only. Security systems, medical monitoring devices, internet services, wireless access points, cordless phones and other equipment and services will not run on this home battery backup.

Please note that the 8-hour and 24-hour standby times describe the length of time your phone line is available for use. Making a phone call during a power outage depletes the battery faster and may shorten the standby time.


Battery Care and Testing

To maximize the function and lifespan of your battery, please follow the instructions included with your battery backup equipment and pay special attention to the temperature requirements. We recommend you store your battery above 41 degrees and below 104 degrees. Failure to follow the instructions may shorten the useful life of your battery.

These batteries are rechargeable but do not last forever. You should periodically test your battery, as described in the instructions included with the battery backup equipment, to verify both the operation of the battery backup and its condition.


Service Costs and Details:

Our eight-hour battery backup service is available for only $2.99 per month, and our 24-hour solution for only $4.99 per month. The monthly subscription includes installation and testing, warranty coverage, and battery replacement every four years. If you have any questions or wish to purchase the service, please call 1-888-475-2361 at any time.