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New Plans

Internet Packages

New PlansICTC has 4 DSL and fiber internet plans ranging from 5 to 50 meg* – Starter, Bronze, Silver and Gold.

“Starter” – $39.95/Month with speeds up to 5 meg – For the casual internet user, an always on and reliable connection.

“Bronze” – $49.95/Month with speeds up to 10 meg – Double the speed for only $10 more than our starter plan. More than enough for one HD video stream, or multiple standard definition streams.

“Silver”  – $59.95/Month with speeds up to 20 meg – Quadruple the speed of starter for only $10 more than our Bronze plan.

“Gold” – $89.95/month with speeds up to 50meg – This plan is available only in towns served with fiber optic and limited DSL areas the summer of 2014.

* Actual speeds will vary based on your location and distance from ICTC equipment. Generally speaking, most customers in town will be capable of speeds up to 50 meg with a VDSL modem. Rural customers should call to inquire on speeds available in their area. Prices reflect internet cost when bundled with telephone service.

My computer is running slow – what can I do?

It happens to everyone – the dreaded “My computer is soooooo slow!”  Not to worry, it happens, and your computer doesnt have to be that slow forever. When I examine a PC for the complaint of a slow computer there are three main places I look to increase performance:

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Secure your wireless router!

This day and age, many computer users like me enjoy the benefits of a wireless router at home. I love the freedom to carry my laptop from my office to any room in my home for whatever reason and still be connected. Oftentimes wireless networking is used out of necessity – like to avoid complicated, difficult, or plain messy wiring at home. Regardless of the reasons why we choose to use wireless at home there are a few things EVERYONE with a wireless router should know; and it all boils down to protecting yourself from a less than ethical person that might try to eavesdrop on internet usage.

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Understanding DSL

DSL internet is a staple for internet delivery over twisted pair cabling – but for all of its capabilities it has limitations of distance from the central office. Typically a user can expect the capability of at least 1 meg internet speeds if the DSL modem is within 2 miles from the source. When closer than 2 miles from the source, speeds can increase dramatically;  inversely speeds can decrease dramatically at further distances. ICTC has “Reach” DSL products that are capable of reaching much longer distances with speeds over 1.5 meg.

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